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Rapid Temperature Change Test Chamber

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SANWOOD offers a unique chamber that sets the industrial standard for thermal cycling.
Provides precise temperature change rates.

Product Description

Rapid Temperature Change Test Chamber description:
Rapid temperature changes (damp heat) test chamber is suitable for the whole product, parts and materials for high temperature, low temperature, high and low temperature circulating and temperature stress screening (ESS) test, and constant humidity and cyclic damp heat test. This type of machine mainly used to simulate the product in climate conditions, a temperature and humidity conditions or at ambient temperature and humidity conditions, detecting the product features and the adapt change ability. It’s the aviation, automobiles, home appliances, research and other fields necessary test equipment.

SANWOOD rapid temperature change test chamber advantages:
1.Can set the temperature variable rate of the different stress screening
2.Can perform a rapid temperature change (ESS), condensation test, high temperature and humidity test, temperature and humidity cycling test, etc.
3.Meet the requirements of stress screening test for electronic equipment
4.Switching temperature and average temperature these two kinds of test methods
5.Can set a variety of stress screening (fast temperature change rate) 5deg C/min,  10deg C/min,  15deg C/min experimental conditions
6.Meet the requirements of stress screening test for electronic equipment MIL-STD-2164, MIL-344A-4-16, MIL-2134A-19, NABMAT-9492, GJB-1032-90, GJB/Z34-5.1.6, IPC-9701....ETC.
7.Can carry out the two test methods, temperature test and average temperature test
8.With aluminum sheet test machine load capacity (non plastic load)
9.Single machine can perform fast temperature change (ESS), condensation test, high temperature and humidity test, temperature and humidity cycling test, etc.
10.Can screen the sample load with a large number
11.Built in two-way USB2.0 portable storage interface (can copy the test curve and load the test program)
12.Complete real-time test curve analysis shows that no time limit
13.Can be integrated with the E management system to monitor the management system
14.Multi-language selection: Chinese, English, Russian, Korean, Japanese, German  multilingual language switching.

rapid temperature change test chamber
1.Standard equipment
Test product load power supply 3 groups
Each side of the left and right side has a 50mm Pin hole
Pin hole silicone plug 2 PCS
Stainless steel sample holder 2 PCS
20L water storage tank 1 PCS
Pure water filter 1 PCS

Rapid temperature change test chamber Specification:

Temperature Temperature control 
Temperature fluctuation±0.5
Cooling rate155.0℃~-65.0    (linear or nonlinear5.0℃、10.0℃、15.0℃、20.0/min)
Heating rate-65.0℃~155.0  (linear or nonlinear5.0℃、10.0℃、15.0℃、20.0℃/min)
Temperature uniformity±1.5 (-40.0℃~100.0
±2.0 (100.1℃~180.0or-40.0℃~-70.0)
HumidityHumidity control range10.0%RH98.0%RH(60 above corresponds to 10%RH) 
Humidity fluctuation±1.0% RH
Humidity uniformity±2.0RH 
Material / 
Internal materialAdopts 1.2mm thickness stainess steel(SUS304)
External materialAdopts 1.5mm thickness Cold rolled steel sheet / powder spraying
 Heat insulating material100mm thickness polyurethane plate10mm thickness mineral wool
FanCentrifugal blower
CompressorSemi-closed Germany Bock, Germany Bitzer
CondenserAir cooling, water cooling
EvaporatorFin - and - Tube Heat Exchanger 
HeaterNickel chromium alloy heating wire 
HumidifierSteam humidifier 
Size Interior size(mm)
Operating ambient temperature+5 ~ 35
Power supply380V AC 50/60Hz 
ControllerStandard: South Korea TEMI-1500 Optional: South Korea TEMI-2500,South Korea TEMI-2700

Temperature rapid cycle test chamber brochure

Temperature rapid cycle test chamber.pdf

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